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Whether repairing bridge decks in the public right-of-way at 2:00am, realigning the Truckee River to enhance riparian habitats or scraping the earth to make way for the latest technology center, Q&D’s Heavy/Civil Group has a culture of being stewards of our community. No other part of our company has more interaction on a daily basis with the public, we represent our clients in the public view and we do it with a helpful, neighborly approach.

For example, while widening a major arterial, Q&D kept the local business owners well-informed and travelers moving smoothly to their destinations – AND we also looked at the schedule, phasing, engineering and material constraints and asked if we could adjust the plan. With buy-in from the stakeholders, we added resources to complete the work faster and for less money – to get our community back to business-as-usual as fast as possible.

Recent projects include Stonebrook residential development, Lake Almanor Bridge, NDOT I-80 Keystone to Stateline Road Reconstruction, Battle Mountain Pipeline, the sitework for the UNR College of Engineering Building, Sage Street Supportive Housing project, and sitework, utilities and concrete work for Tesla’s Gigafactory and infrastructure for large data centers for a global technology company.

Capabilities Include: Bridges, Concrete Hardscapes, Demolition, Earthwork, Erosion Control, Excavation, Flood Assistance, Flumes, Fountains, Generator Stations, Golf Courses, Parks, Paving, Pipelines, Pump Stations, Reservoirs, Roads, Site Preparation, Sewer Systems, Snow Removal, Treatment Plants, and Underground Utilities.

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