Subcontractor Qualification

Q&D Construction invites subcontractors to qualify for upcoming projects.
Qualification is a requirement of many states for public CMAR projects.



To begin the process, start here at this link:  SUB QUALIFICATION

Only complete Forms (including the three items below), can be processed. Attachments in lieu of completing sections of the Form will not be accepted. If an item is not applicable, show N/A.
The following documents will be needed to comply with NRS and to complete the Qualification Form.

  1. Last fiscal year’s financial statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet).
  2. Bank letter of reference attesting the account is in good standing.
  3. Bonding company letter attesting to capacity and limits.

Qualifications are good for two (2) years and are NOT project specific.
Calendar your renewal 23 months from the approval date.
Subcontractors are responsible for submitting their Qualification Forms on time.

Submit prequalification package to Call Chuck Cook at (775) 353-7004 with questions.

All information is kept confidential and used only for prequalification purposes.

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