Over the last 50 years, Q&D Construction has grown to serve our clients, adding new capabilities and creating specialized groups to consolidate our unique and diverse set of expertise. These groups provide focused project leadership, supported across all facets of your project by knowledgeable professionals throughout the organization. Click below to learn more.


For new construction or renovations, our clients get a well-tailored process with big-picture focus.



A mobile, nimble and reliable aviation workforce with the tools and training to execute any aviation project.



Q&D has the equipment and manpower to shorten schedules and lower your project costs.



Q&D understands critical infrastructure needs and safety-focus of today’s modern mining operations.

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We understand the term dream home means something different to every client.

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Q&D has the specialized knowledge needed to be part of your healthcare project team.

Areas of Service

Q&D’s team are experts at deploying our uniquely collaborative approach to project coordination and control at any location.

Cloud-based communication and specialized construction technologies have significantly decreased the distances between our project partners and increased our responsiveness to our clients. That’s why Q&D is licensed in 15 states and has active projects or recently completed work in over 20 states for new and repeat clients. We’ve won awards from communities in which we construct both projects and relationships, recognizing and thanking Q&D for our fair, organized and knowledgeable building practices.


Delivery methods to fit any project

The Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) delivery method provides a smoother, more manageable project with the greatest value for the client’s dollar.

This is accomplished by including the construction manager during the design process, working as a team with the designers, and as the client’s representative to meet their goals. This is a significantly different relationship than the traditional design-bid-build contractual arrangement that by nature creates competitive relationships instead of building teams.

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You may prefer Design-Assist if you want to harness the efficiency that comes with early design and construction collaboration, but you wish to supervise the architects, engineers and other consultants. This delivery method is more hands-on than design-build, but like design-build, you end up with a well integrated project, which means no surprises. With Design-Assist, the architect and engineers are under direct contract to the owner while key subcontractors—typically mechanical, electrical, plumbing and landscaping—are under contract for design and construction to the general contractor. These systems subcontractors represent a major portion of a project’s cost, so they can give the owner numerous pricing alternatives to help arrive at what represents the highest value for the owner. Read More

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Many of our owners like design build delivery because it’s turn-key. The responsibility for completion dates, quality and costs are placed with a single entity: Q&D Construction.

Like the “master builders” earlier times, our responsibilities span the entire building process. As a veteran design build organization, we combine strong management ability with experience in balancing good design with construction economy.

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Q&D’s Heavy/Civil Group is bidding up to 9 projects a week to keep pace with a market of smaller yet challenging projects. It’s still the most popular form of delivery for public agencies, and we pride ourselves on leading the competition, especially on the gnarly jobs that involve tricky tie-ins, trenches under a river, complex reconstruction, or maze-like logistics.

Q&D has also completed design-bid-build public works jobs as large as the award-winning $78,000,000 Knowledge Center at the University of Nevada, Reno and as innovative as the Virginia Street Bridge.

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Another way Q&D provides the best value for your project is through working with a copy of the designer’s “three-dimensional” model of your project to expedite preconstruction services and reduce costs in the field.

Today’s designers and engineers use Building Information Modeling tools (BIM) to produce construction drawings, producing a hyper-accurate, digital representation of the project’s detailed geometry and specific tolerances, rendered in three dimensions. Each element drawn in a BIM model is enhanced not only with additional dimensional and special information, but with specific details about its material, manufacture and finish. A very simple example is a door frame, which is drawn in 3 dimensions, will be tagged information about the hardware set, wall thickness, the door’s swing and paint color.

By contrast, two-dimensional drawings not only do not include this additional data, but information about the elevation or height of each element must be separately assigned, cataloged and specified, a time-consuming process which increases the potential for errors in the design, estimating and construction phases.

There is a good chance that your architect or engineer is working with a multi-dimensional design software to produce the plans for your project. Q&D will use that model to more quickly gather data for estimating and as a critical tool for enhanced coordination between building trades during preconstruction.


Q&D’s preconstruction service gives you important early decision-making tools that complement the expertise of other project team members and inform the project goals. Preconstruction is a service we’ve offered at Q&D since our founding nearly fifty years ago, working alongside our clients and designers to get them the best value for their projects.

Q&D’s preconstruction process uses our layered, comprehensive set of estimating and planning tools in concert with established practices to provide support, decision-making information and guidance for our clients. We engage the subcontracting community with outreach and careful bid packages to get the best pricing on the guaranteed maximum price. Our focused, technology-based tools for construction field management include online project collaboration, BIM-integrated schedule management and project-specific zero-incident safety implementation..


Q&D helps you implement sustainability initiatives on your project by understanding the project sustainability goals and working as part of the project team to implement them into the design during preconstruction. For renovations, expansions and tenant improvements, Q&D and our subcontractors will operate under client and facility environmental initiatives, integrating them with our own programs for recycling, emissions reduction and use of green energy.

We have found that nothing is more impactful when demonstrating the benefit of environmental initiatives than understanding the future economic effects of the implemented measures. Q&D provides accurate costs and life-cycle studies to help with decision-making, demonstrate the benefits of green initiatives and promote them to the community.

On projects with formal certification objectives, Q&D follows through with accurate record keeping and regulatory reporting. Q&D also promotes stakeholder enthusiasm for green initiatives and works to generate new and innovative sustainability measures to benefit clients.

Q&D has completed over $250,000,000 worth of LEED certified construction, is a member of the USGBC and has eleven LEED credentialed employees across various company roles to ensure there is a LEED professional available to help with your green-building project.



Building Group

Commercial spaces are places in which you spend time: working, shopping, banking, learning and healing. The quality of your experiences is impacted by the quality of those spaces we build with our clients and designers. The outstanding level of quality our building teams achieve is evident in the usefulness of these spaces, the efficiency of their systems, the precision of the installation. It is further represented by the positive, long-standing relationships we have with our clients and the excellent reputation Q&D has amongst the subcontractor community.

Commercial, vertical building construction is where Q&D started back in 1964, with a small kitchen build-out, a borrowed truck and garage office. Word of mouth spread about Q&D, a company that could provide outstanding client service, fair pricing and an unmatched level of finished quality in the field. New building opportunities included small casino parking garages and low-slung retail malls, all managed and built with the same level of service provided for the owner of that first kitchen.

Since those early days, Q&D has built projects that range from a small equipment replacement project in a hospital operating room to a $230,000,000 luxury mountain resort, and everything in between. That varied background of project experience is the foundation for our professional construction management process that will provide you with a well-planned path for your project, a safe project and efficient project during construction and a project that meets your needs while providing you with the best value.

Q&D’s building group clients vary from private owners who prefer negotiated/GMP projects to public agencies and universities using CM at Risk project delivery. Over 92% of our projects over the last 20 years are for repeat customers. Regular clients include SCHEELS, University of Nevada, Reno, Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, NV State Public Works Board, Washoe County School District and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

Toby Basta  |  VP – Building Group
775.786.2677 • Work: 775.353.7017 • Cell: 775.302.6554
1050 S. 21st Street, Sparks, NV 89431

Aviation Group

Q&D has assembled a mobile, nimble and reliable aviation workforce with the tools and training to execute any aviation project. From interior improvements, to ground-up terminal and support facility projects, Q&D has the big company resources to fulfill schedule commitments and a friendly approach to customer service.

Airports are like small cities full of amenities and airlines are expanding to meet the increased demand for air travel as the world becomes more interconnected than ever. Because of this evolution of air travel, there are a considerable number of stakeholders involved in even the simplest build-out. Q&D has worked in over 75 airports across the United States. This gives Q&D’s aviation group an unusual insight into the unique nature of aviation-related construction and experience with many different airline and airport stakeholders.

Q&D can attest to the fact that if you have seen one airport, you’ve seen one airport. Q&D works alongside the client, within the framework and layers of regulations, restrictions and initiatives, to develop the most advantageous and cost-effective solution on their behalf. At the center of this approach is listening and taking seriously the issues and concerns of their customers. If you’d like to find out more about Q&D, please contact us.

Duane Boreham  |  VP – Aviation Group
Work: 775.353.7108 • Cell: 775.302.6425
1050 S. 21st Street, Sparks, NV 89431

Heavy / Civil Group

Whether repairing bridge decks in the public right-of-way at 2:00am, realigning the Truckee River to enhance riparian habitats or scraping the earth to make way for the latest technology center, Q&D’s Heavy / Civil Group has a culture of being stewards of our community. No other part of our company has more interaction on a daily basis with the public, we represent our clients in the public view and we do it with a helpful, neighborly approach.

For example, when we widened a major arterial, we not only kept the local business owners well-informed and travelers moving smoothly to their destinations, we looked at the schedule, phasing, engineering and material constraints and asked if we could adjust the plan, add resources get it done faster and for less money – to get our community back to business-as-usual as fast as possible.

Q&D’s Heavy / Civil Group was established over 20 years ago to serve clients who needed more control over schedule and manpower to accomplish large-scale development.The Group is highly-skilled in the CM at Risk delivery method, often coordinating complex scopes to deliver the best possible outcome while successfully managing the goals of numerous stakeholders. Heavy / Civil also works alongside our commercial building teams to increase our own control over project quality for concrete work. Because a flat roof starts with the right grade and a properly-poured foundation.

Q&D’s Heavy / Civil Group is at the forefront of innovation in road construction. In addition to innovating for our clients on a project-specific basis, Q&D has patented an invention built to better serve the public on bridge repair projects. Inspired by road paving equipment technology, Q&D invented the polymer paving machine. This machine and the incredibly skilled crew that runs it is responsible for cutting the time and cost of repairs on cracked elevated roadways by nearly 70%.

To keep our schedule and budget promises, Q&D has in service the largest privately-owned fleet of equipment in our home region. Owned rather than leased, and maintained by our own crew of highly-trained diesel mechanics, this reliable stable of scrapers, excavators, backhoes and more supports crews in the field 24/7 throughout the road construction season. It’s one of the reasons that Q&D is relied up on to perform road work in and around Lake Tahoe, during the tourist season – we take time to keep people informed, work within the constraints to streamline project budgets and schedules and we have the muscle to back up our commitments.

  • Bridges
  • Concrete Hardscapes
  • Demolition
  • Earthwork
  • Erosion Control
  • Excavation
  • Flood Assistance
  • Flumes
  • Fountains
  • Generator Stations
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks
  • Paving
  • Pipelines
  • Pump Stations
  • Reservoirs
  • Roads
  • Site Preparation
  • Sewer Systems
  • Snow Removal
  • Treatment Plants
  • Underground Utilities

Jeff Bean  |  VP – Heavy/Civil Group
Work: 775.353.7093 • Cell: 775.302.6474
1050 S. 21st Street, Sparks, NV 89431

Mining Group

The raw materials provided by mining drive manufacturing and help fuel our economy. Mining is a mix of speculation, science and operational efficiency that involves tight timeframes and inherent dangers.

To better serve our mining clients who rely on safety-focused, efficient companies like Q&D to support them with construction services, we created the Mining Givision which focuses on maintaining a reliable MSHA-trained workforce and provides equipment and resources dedicated to mining-related construction projects.

Q&D supports mining operations with basic ore hauling and aggregate crushing, infrastructure construction such as water treatment facilities, utility pipelines and operational needs including dewatering plants, heap leach pads and tailings dams.

Jeff Bean  |  VP – Heavy/Civil Group
Work: 775.353.7093 • Cell: 775.302.6474
1050 S. 21st Street, Sparks, NV 89431

Custom Homes Group

Q&D has delivered unique, award-winning custom homes ranging in price from under $1,000,000 to over $50,000,000. We build spectacular properties on difficult, dramatic sites with accelerated schedules. Our leaders understand the term dream home means something different to every client. It could mean living off the grid. It could mean creating a camp. It could mean living in a sculpture.

We appreciate that our clients all have different budgets and different goals. Whether you are considering a small remodel or building a mansion, we know you want to stay on schedule and on budget. At Q&D we believe he important thing about dream homes is that you get to dream. Some contrary to the ordinary amenities that we’ve built into some of our houses:

  • 90-foot totem poles depicting owners’ lives
  • Chris Craft boat transformed into a bar
  • Concrete vault room with Fort Knox doors
  • Copper screened Faraday cage radio room
  • Hobby room with 2000-pound overhead crane
  • Staircase and dome replicated from the Titanic
  • Indoor waterfall splashing into jetted lap pool
  • Ski tram from the garage to the house
  • Ship’s deck bedroom with sleeping quarters in the hold
  • Weather station connected to home system
  • Barn with a basketball court
  • Art studio with kiln
  • Theater with technology for film or plays
  • Wine cellar carved into boulders in foundation
  • Underground tunnel from house to conservatory
  • Water slide winding through landscape boulders
  • 5-story stair case with glass risers, treads and rails
  • Dog suite with shower, refrigerator and access to run

Toby Basta  |  VP – Building Group
775.786.2677 • Work: 775.353.7017 • Cell: 775.302.6554
1050 S. 21st Street, Sparks, NV 89431

Medical Group

The healthcare industry requires specialized knowledge and skill– customized control to support medical design teams and processes and procedures that really work in healthcare construction, including specialized safety programs and infection control. Healthcare construction needs real team logistical planning participation from the contractor, especially with phasing or as-built conditions that may impact projects. Healthcare projects lend themselves best to builders and construction managers that have a depth of experience in negotiated work, where the project team works in partnership from the earliest phases of the project to the best value for the client.

In order to better serve our medical clients, Q&D created a medical specialty group; a division within our organization that focuses solely on medical projects to apply the skills and knowledge gathered over 30 years of construction management in the healthcare industry.

Toby Basta  |  VP – Building Group
775.786.2677 • Work: 775.353.7017 • Cell: 775.302.6554
1050 S. 21st Street, Sparks, NV 89431

The Q&D Method



Your project starts as an idea. Still deciding how to build it or where it will go? Need help understanding the potential costs and options at an early stage? Let Q&D’s team of experienced construction managers work with you to deploy our early planning tools like early preconstruction, conceptual estimating, scheduling, due-diligence assistance, site inspections and other pro forma requirements.  We can provide insight into future costs and supply you with invaluable options to help you move your project forward.



Q&D’s collaborative approach means working alongside your team to provide you with informative options for your project.  Our preconstruction process includes milestone estimating with variance reports, constructability reviews, life cycle cost analysis, logistics analysis and more.  All of our preconstruction services are tailored towards refining the concepts, lending our knowledge of construction to the team and applying our time-tested processes for project success.



Before we construct the work our team of preconstruction managers and field leaders work with you to confirm site safety requirements, plan all site logistics, perform neighborhood outreach, prepare a detailed, line-item construction phase schedule, coordinate with outside vendors and stakeholders, and perform professional project bidding services to plan ahead for the best possible outcome for your project.



Q&D is a leader in field management and has won multiple awards for our excellent community relationships, stewardship of the environment and client services.  Our construction management process includes full project site supervision, quality control monitoring and reporting, budget and schedule controls, and a team-oriented and cloud-based collaboration website so you have access to your project’s status at any time of the day or night.  Keeping everyone working from the same and most current information is key to our outstanding approach.



Q&D works diligently to ensure you get the best quality project. In addition to quickly-resolved punchlists and timely turnover of closeout materials, we offer ongoing maintenance services, warranty assistance and a service department to handle smaller projects for which it can be challenging to find a reliable talented work crew. No matter your project’s size, cost or scope, Q&D is here to help you!