Mining Group

Q&D’s Mining Group partners with mining company leaders and project managers to safely support mine operations. We provide safe, skilled, reliable and well-equipped field teams to supplement your mining operations, construct, expand or repair infrastructure, fix a problem or complete a vital project.

To underline the critical importance of safe work performance and environmental stewardship, Q&D teams are experienced and MSHA-certified. Our Mining Group leadership team has many years’ experience leading these unique and challenging projects and working in the industry. As your project partner, we at Q&D seek to fully integrate into your company’s safety culture and exceed your expectations.

Clients include Nevada Copper, Sedgman, Kinross, Coeur Mining, Barrick, Great Basin Gold, E.P. Minerals and Borealis Mining Company.

Mining Group Capabilities:

Surface Mining

Loading, hauling and dumping; pit wall work (sloping, buttressing and excavation); long distance ore hauling; leach pad construction and expansion

Support for Underground Mining

On-site rock crushing or aggregate delivery for backfill and infrastructure

Sonic Drilling

Drilling: soil/ore samples; Bulk sample digging and delivery to labs


Closure and reclamation work; storm water management; infiltration basin and evaporation pond construction


Road construction and paving; haul road work; intersection redesign; berm construction; on-site rock crushing and aggregate delivery


Water treatment facilities; utility work; pipelines; tailings storage facility maintenance and construction

Contact Steve Spitze, VP – Mining Group, at (775) 302-6486 or to schedule an introduction.

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