Mission and Values


Experienced builders and innovators, Q&D’s people understand that building is complex, with a large volume of very small details that require just as much attention and follow-through as the big details.

At Q&D that follow-through is built on a foundation of energy and enthusiasm for the work we do, for the client’s goals and for a successful project for all team members.


Whatever it takes.

Q&D teams deliver innovative solutions and best value on each and every project. We approach the day with emphasis on our clients’ unique goals, implementing them in a safe and ethical manner and producing extraordinary results. Our employee family members have satisfying careers, develop lasting, positive relationships within our industry and are committed to improving the communities in which we work and live


SERVICE: Service goes beyond doing a good job – it means doing a great job, with empathy and compassion for what the client needs to accomplish.

INTEGRITY: Q&D maintains a reputation as a community and industry leader through integrity. In all aspects of our business, in every department and at every level, we are ethical, friendly and trustworthy.

QUALITY: The way to leave a legacy of satisfied clients is to follow-through and build the best project possible.

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