Lake Almanor Spillway Bridge Replacement

Q&D Construction delivered this new bridge over the Lake Almanor Spillway on California State Route 89 one month ahead of schedule. The new structure replaced a 55-year-old structure that was demolished to make way for new construction. The new bridge features safety enhancements like double-column support structures, stainless steel rebar, epoxy-coated rebar and the bridge deck is constructed from fiber-reinforced concrete. The bridge is 466 feet long and 44 feet wide.

The team maintained traffic through detours, reducing traffic impacts by compressing diversions to a two-month period and constructing a temporary route in time for Memorial Day weekend in this tourist area. Instead of taking a 30-minute detour, drivers could continue their trips through the area in just a few minutes. Also key to mitigating traffic impacts was the proximity to the PG&E reservoir connected to the lake.

Project Overview

Plumas County, CA

Caltrans Excellence in Transportation (EIT) Award

Delivery Method

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