Dunphy Bridge Replacements

These two bridges, located near Dunphy, NV at the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and the Humboldt River 26 miles east of Battle Mountain were utilized primarily by a very large mine and cattle ranch. The ranchers’ sole access to the interstate, access had to remain open during construction of the replacement bridges. Deep foundation excavations were required adjacent to the UPRR track and the existing bridge abutment. The team developed extensive shoring plans so crews could construct the foundation while mitigating access issues.

The excavation limits were so close to temporary ROW easements that typical soil nail shoring systems were not feasible. Q&D’s team incorporated a system that stabilized the soil with grouted micropiles. The innovative solution minimized the amount of temporary ROW that would have normally been required. UPRR’s train schedule also dictated steel girder erection, concrete pours, and existing bridge demolition, so coordination with them was paramount to the success project.

Work included 90,000 cubic yards of excavation and embankment, 1.44-million pounds of structural steel and demolition of the two existing bridges.

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