I-80 Keystone to State Line

I-80 is one of the heaviest traveled routes in Northern Nevada. It includes a high percentage of truck and tourist traffic. This project was 12-miles in length and had a combination of urban and semi-rural interstate conditions with the eastern limits of the project including traffic control in downtown Reno, while the western limit involved working with California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) to permit traffic control devices placed in the Truckee River canyon across the border. Interstate 80 is a freight corridor from San Francisco to the rest of the country, this adds significant semi-truck traffic to the roadway. Rapid commercial and residential development in Mogul/Verdi, which is in the middle portion of the construction area, had the most significant growth and added to daily traffic. To keep the project on schedule, multiple work zones and ramp closures were required all while still operating within contractual limitations so not to unduly delay the traveling public. In addition, the ageing drainage infrastructure and poor existing pavement condition required frequent emergency responses by Q&D to correct hazards, this required different mobilization during the off-shift hours.

The Department assigned working days which was aggressive for a project of this size and scope. Limitations of operations required the highest impact work to the traveling public to be performed at night. In addition, due to the project location and length, there were micro-climate issues west of Reno in the Truckee River canyon, resulting in a shorter construction season for paving. Q&D’s aggressive paving schedule was critical to eliminate a third construction season. In order to meet the demanding schedule, day and night work was performed with multiple Q&D crews working concurrently.

This project contained the strictest Percent Within Limits (PWL) and Pavement Smoothness performance specifications for the paving material and final ride surface respectively to date. Q&D was able to earn Ride Incentive Payments and PWL incentive payments.

Q&D’s construction team continuously communicated upcoming construction activities with stakeholders, allowing public outreach staff to effectively communicate travel impacts at each stage of this project. This process allowed for feedback from local businesses and other stakeholders sometimes resulting in changes or improvements to Q&D’s traffic control operations.

The project also included two marathon weekends that completely closed a major interchange at Keystone Avenue and ramps adjacent to UNR on two separate dates. These marathon shifts by Q&D reduced the amount of traffic control needed and reduced impacts to the traveling public and local businesses. The team worked closely with businesses, partner agencies, University of Nevada, Reno officials and law enforcement to determine a date that was least impactful and provided information well in advance. The team completed this work with zero complaints.

A major scope of work included environmental enhancements and strict adherence to NDOT’s Storm Water Protection Policies. The team participated in weekly inspection and additional inspection before and after significant storm events as required by NDOT for compliance. In addition, the construction team worked together to develop several project specific BMP’s to improve storm water pollution mitigation measures.

The successful completion of this project showed Q&D’s commitment to delivering challenging projects in a timely manner without compromising quality or safety for both the employees working and the traveling public. Completing these crucial improvements to 1-80 from Keystone to State Line…will keep Interstate 80 users Safe and Connected for years to come.

– Andrew Lawrence, P.E. , Resident Engineer, Sparks Construction C-905 Nevada Department of Transportation

Project Overview

Washoe County, Nevada

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)


International Partnering Institute (IPI) Award; Nevada AGC Pinnacle Award

Delivery Method

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