Parr Blvd. Bridge Replacement

NDOT Parr-Dandini Bridge Replacement

The Parr/Dandini bridge above US-395 serves as the traffic hub for Truckee Meadows Community College and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office. A 48-year-old bridge deck combined with the city’s population hikes forced the replacement of the structure to ensure its stability for years to come.

This proposed $8 million project by the Nevada Department of Transportation was far more re-erecting a new crossing. This highway corridor could not withstand multiple major closures. Stakeholders agreed to a single-season completion in only 120 days. Removing the bridge was an incredibly collaborative effort by the construction and engineering teams, state coordinators and traffic control supervisors. Aggressive scheduling gave Q&D one weekend of full closure on US-395. Rerouting traffic to the Parr/Dandini on-and-off ramps continued flow to the city.

Q&D’s demolition teams began working around the clock on the ‘marathon weekend,’ crumbling the bridge into a protective bedding laid on US-395. Off haul was complete and the road was re-opened in about 50 hours. Q&D’s remarkable precision, dexterity and stamina was on display. Q&D fed on the success of the demolition weekend, igniting the field crews to pick up speed. Footings were poured within a week of demo, pushing the project two weeks ahead of schedule ahead of the girders arriving.

The field was cruising ahead of schedule, but engineers began tackling the biggest challenge. The new precast girders would be placed with 340 KV transmission lines dangling overhead.

Reno/Sparks’ primary power supply lives within the lines above the Parr/Dandini bridge. Interference with these lines would bring catastrophic consequences. Innovative engineering allowed for erection of the girders atop false work for temporary support. Q&D’s field teams developed a winch system to slide the girders into place. This removed typical use of a crane, marking the first NDOT project in history to have precast concrete girders slid into place.

Upon final pouring of the deck the project finished two weeks early. Q&D attributed team innovation and flexibility as driving factors in finishing early. The wider and safer bridge creates the cornerstone for future north valley projects.
In Spring 2021, Q&D received commendation for its work on the Parr Boulevard Bridge. The Northern Nevada Chapter AGC recognized the project during the annual Pinnacle Awards. Q&D won the Pinnacle Award for Contractor’s Excellence on the Parr Blvd. Bridge Replacement.

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"The successful completion of this project showed Q&D's innovation and commitment to delivering challenging projects in difficult conditions without compromising quality."

Andrew Lawrence, P.E. -- Resident Engineer, NDOT
Reno, NV

Project Overview

Reno, NV

Nevada Department of Transportation

Completion Date
November 2020

AGC Pinnacle Award - Contractor's Excellence

Delivery Method

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