Where Do You Fit In?

Seasoned Pro

Q&D’s friendly, knowledgeable and thoughtful approach to construction management means we are looking for engaging, professional people that understand the value of positive relationships in addition to bringing with them a background of experience and expertise that will benefit our clients on their projects.

Entry Level

We all started somewhere – with little to no experience or understanding of the construction industry. And now we are experts. How did we do that? We got our foot in the door, presented ourselves as the best candidates and when we got the job, we put our heart into doing our best work and learning every day.

We can’t wait to find someone to whom we can give that next opportunity to break out and be a construction star.

Q&D Internships

Intern at a place where you can experience it all! Q&D’s internship programs include summer hires, ongoing work-study programs and mentorships in our industry. Internships are available across all groups and support departments.

Q&D’s formal internships coincide with summer break at most colleges. However, local students are encouraged to contact us regarding opportunities during the school year, and we welcome resumes and applications from potential summer interns throughout the year.

What Q&D Project or Service are you looking for?

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