Aviation Services Department

Got a project that’s got you scratching your head about where to start? Don’t have time to source and supervise all the talent required to get it done? Our team of aviation pros can help.

Q&D’s Aviation Services Team offers on-demand, rate-based construction labor and craft support for aviation facilities, clients and operations. Q&D’s team is trained in airport and airline communications and security protocols. We offer open-book, hourly rates with full back-up for all purchase orders. Our work is fully-supervised by our trained personnel who are pre-screened in and badged in most U.S. airports.

Aviation Services Department Capabilities:

Carpentry Projects

  • Install door hardware
  • Hang signage
  • Install fixed anti-fatigue mats, runners and custom configurations
  • Build industrial shelving units, seismic bracing
  • Hang bathroom fixtures, mirrors, and accessories
  • Install or remove lockers

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Repair casework or cabinets
  • Patching and finishing walls
  • Painting touch-ups
  • Replacing carpet tiles
  • Repairing coved or wood base
  • Replace or install small areas of flooring and tile
  • Swap key cores, locksmithing

Other Services

  • General hourly labor
  • Organizing materials
  • Moving furniture
  • Clean-up / disposal service
  • Assistance with event set-up and tear-down
  • Moving positions or gates
  • Site investigations and recommendations

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