Escape Lounge RNO

MAG USA opened its fourth Escape Lounge at Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO) and continues to build award-winning Escape Lounges across the globe. These well-appointed spaces allow guests to pay for access to a comfortable lounge close to airline gates where they can dine, connect and relax while traveling by air.

The post-security-screening location added logistical challenges to the interior remodel, which the team completed without impacts to the airport or airlines. The final build out includes a bar, kitchen, self-service buffet with multiple amenities and a wash station, restrooms and of course, lounge space with plenty of plug-ins and a strong WiFi signal.

This was Q&D’s first tenant improvement for MAG USA and the team used CM-at-Risk project delivery. The second was the Escape Lounge at the Ontario International Airport (ONT).

Project Overview

Reno, Nevada


Delivery Method

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