Working At Q&D

Q&D is a construction company built from scratch on the idea that you can do business fairly by following certain positive ethical principles which you never bend or stretch to fit your goal.

This works because Q&D attracts people that treat one another, and our vendor, subcontractor and business partners, with the respect due others that have built their own careers and businesses with expertise and community leadership.

Q&D started as a family business and over the years has grown into a professional general contracting corporation. For that reason we lack some formality when it comes to working together – roles, feedback and advice transcend levels of employment and years of experience. There is a casual atmosphere and an unadvertised open-door policy at Q&D.


Q&D is a company made up of many different components to make our operations and projects run smoothly. We are managed in groups along business lines including Building, Heavy / Civil and Aviation where roles include project-specific administration, construction management, estimating, field supervision and skilled labor.

Those groups are supported by a professional accounting department and home office staff at our headquarters. Our construction fleet is professionally managed and maintained by trained mechanics. It takes all of us working our best every day to keep growing Q&D and we seek new people of all levels of knowledge and skill that share our values and work ethic of service, integrity and quality.


We assembled some of the top answers:

  • An established company with 50 years rooted in client service
  • A growing company with a bright future
  • A company of youthful leaders and sage pathfinders
  • An organization in which you can be yourself and do the work you love
  • A team of supportive colleagues that are motivated by team success
  • A corporation with a benefits package which includes access to a professionally-managed 401(k) and excellent healthcare coverage

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