Q&D Nominated For Best Construction Contractor in Reno

Q&D Nominated For Best Construction Contractor in Reno
Civil construction contractor Q&D Construction received honors as one of the five best in Reno. General Contractors Magazine nominated Q&D Construction in its 5 Best Commercial Contractors in Reno, Nevada.
The magazine chose its top five contractors based on expertise, reputation and accomplishments. They also factored in safety records and diversity of services.
“Q&D proves commercial interests can be balanced with worker safety and well-being,” said Jack Cookson, Managing Editor of GC Magazine. “Q&D Construction has been named Nevada AGC Contractor of the Year for 12 of the last 24 years.”

Civil Construction Safety Record

While touting our outstanding safety record the magazine noted the over 1 million worker hours each of the past 4 years. Those tallies combined with low injury rates earned multiple awards:
  • 2019 Nevada Mining Association Operator Safety Award for Mustang Quarry
  • 2017 Northern Nevada AGC Best Safety Record (over 1 million hours)
  • 2018 Northern Nevada AGC Best Safety Record (over 1 million hours)
  • 2019 Northern Nevada AGC Best Safety Record (over 1 million hours)

Civil Construction Background

While Q&D began as a building company, its heavy/civil group has sprouted one of the region’s strongest reputations. Signature projects like the Virginia Street Bridge and North Truckee Drain Realignment did more than boost the company profile. These projects showed the versatility of much larger company.
While busy seasons can increase employee numbers in the 650 range, it remains a local contractor at heart. Founded in the Reno-Sparks area, Q&D is northern Nevada’s largest locally born contractor. And true to our Nevada roots, we thrive on quality, self-performed construction.

Civil Contractor Highlight

The nomination of 5 best civil construction contractors by General Contractor’s Magazine featured Echo Summit Bridge. This award-winning project tested the character of Q&D Construction.
CalTrans Echo Summit Viaduct Replacement required full replacement of a hillside bridge 900 feet above an existing roadway. The project allowed a 2-week full closure to replace the bridge deck. That shutdown lasted 8 days and 20 hours as Q&D completed the deck and opened the road early. Watch the time lapse video of Echo Summit Bridge here.
The project’s extreme conditions brought out the best in the team. They received the Build America Award for Highway Renovation from the AGC. 

Ranked Among Best In Reno

Q&D is proud of its ranking among the best contractors in Reno. The infrastructure of Reno continues to challenge local construction companies, and we look forward to helping shape the region.
You can learn more about Q&D’s local construction or find us on Facebook

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