Q&D Promotes Paul Reed to Shop Foreman

Q&D Promotes Paul Reed to Shop Foreman

Congratulations to Paul Reed! Mr. Reed is now the swing shift shop foreman for Q&D’s large-equipment maintenance and repair shop. He has been looking forward to the opportunity to supervise the shop and Q&D is pleased to promote him. Mr. Reed reports to Reggie Luce, Shop Supervisor.

Q&D offers many options to help you meet your project priorities, including self-performing certain aspects of the work to the benefit of your project. When your schedule is critical and Q&D resources have been deployed to complete the work we rely on our in-house large-equipment maintenance and repair shop to ensure continued operation of our equipment.

During the busy summer months, Q&D equipment rolls 24/7. The maintenance team, whether they are in the shop or out with the equipment on large projects, helps Q&D keep our commitments to your project success.

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