Kingsbury Grade CMAR wins Partnering Award

Kingsbury Grade CMAR wins Partnering Award

Partnership is important for projects like the Kingsbury Grade Reconstruction CMAR project, which are highly-visible, intersect people’s routines, and involve interaction with the public. On this road rehabilitation and street improvements project, the team counted 22 major stakeholders plus the client and the public-at-large. Partnering helped the team establish: clear lines of communication; a solid set of decision-making team protocols; a published and well-used set of goals; and, the criteria to evaluate the team’s progress.

For their exemplary partnering process, the team of NDOT, Q&D, and Ventura Consulting won an International Partnering Institute Award for in the transportation category for the Kingsbury Grade Reconstruction CMAR project.

In order to achieve this award-winning partnering result, the team:

  • Embraced innovation and showcased the benefits of partnering in conjunction with the construction-manager-at-risk (CMAR) delivery method;
  • Mitigated major stakeholder issues and resolved disputes through the platform of innovative team collaboration that the partnering process provided;
  • Looked at unique solutions to reduce costs and achieve the same end result (over $5M in savings!); and,
  • Worked together to mitigate project schedule impacts, pushing past acceptable norms, even slicing one and 1/2 years from the project schedule during preconstruction.

The team, which has also won an AGC Pinnacle Award and the NDOT Gold Partnering Award for their work on the project, received excellent feedback from the community and client which was included in the awards nomination:

“Q&D was proactive from the start of the project until the end. Pre-construction meetings with stakeholders were numerous with the Q&D staff empathetic and receptive. During construction, communication was constant and informative.  Post-construction feedback was requested and appreciated by Q&D. This was a true partnership to get needed work done.  Our community was so appreciative of how professional and timely Q&D performed, we threw them a thank you party!”

– Carol Chaplin, Executive Director, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority

“I complimented Q&D in the past for taking the very open and partner orientated approach that you employed on this key project. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank each one of you for the professional and high quality work that has been done so far on the Kingsbury / 207 project. Your attention to detail and the manner in which all of the project employees have handled this project is far above my and many others expectations. It hasn’t been the inconvenience we envisioned and the work has proven to be of a very high standard.”

– Regional President, Caesars NNV Properties

“The success of this project can be accredited to the efforts demonstrated by Q&D construction during both preconstruction and construction. Q&D’s extensive partnering and public outreach with the numerous high-profile stakeholders before and during construction continues to provide the NDOT with the public’s appreciation.”

– Pedro Rodriguez, P.E., Project Manager, Nevada Department of Transportation

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