Chairman of the Board

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Q&D first opened its doors in 1964 when Norm Dianda and friend Lawrence Quadrio successfully negotiated their first project…a $600 kitchen remodel. In 2014, Q&D celebrated 50 years of building relationships and teamwork across the U.S.

Born in Reno, NV, in May of 1939, Norm grew up in rural south Reno, the son of a railroad worker. He later moved to his grandfather’s farm where he always had an interest in working with his hands and building projects. As a teenager, he went to work for a significant person in his life: George Sergeant, owner of the Sergeant Showcase and Fixture Shop where he honed his carpentry skills and business acumen.

Though Mr. Quadrio has passed, Norm has kept the “Q” in honor of his friend and business partner. A simple tribute that sums up the respect and dedication to partnership on which Q&D was founded.

Norm has continued to emphasize that everything Q&D is involved with will be built with the three guiding principles that started the organization…service, integrity and quality.

Today, Norm is still the heart, soul and official tour giver of Q&D. Why? Form Norm, seeing roads built and buildings come out of the ground will always be a passion.

From giving generously to fund youth organizations, support school sports teams, provide outreach assistance to local schools and engaging in university outreach activities, to supporting national charitable causes like multiple sclerosis research and breast cancer awareness, Norm is truly committed to making the communities in which Q&D works better places to live.

Norm married the love of his life, Laura Caramella, over 50 years ago, and they have two boys; Mike and Chris. Mike, his wife Julie and their son Joey. Chris, his wife Jamie and their daughter’s Gianna, Kendall, & Reece. Mike and Chris are also involved in the management of Q&D. Chris is CEO & Vice Chairman and Mike is Secretary/Treasurer.