Safety has an impact on everyone and every part of our lives from when we get up in the morning to when we arrive home safely. At Q&D our safety programs are all-encompassing, driven by the desire to protect not just our own but everyone within the sphere of your construction project.

That’s why we believe safety is a lifestyle, not an event.

L.I.F.E. at Q&D

There is no more valuable part of our organization than the lives of the people that bring the skill, integrity and quality to our jobsites every day.

To make certain every employee goes home safely to his or her family every night, Q&D has started the Leading an Incident Free Environment, or L.I.F.E. program at Q&D.


  • Safety is a LIFEstyle; live it all the time, not just at work
  • Safety’s focus is big picture, not just Q&D’s people and property
  • Safety is your first job responsibility, construction is the second


For your project, Q&D will facilitate initial and regular safety meetings throughout preconstruction and construction. During preconstruction, the project team will create an overall site-specific safety and logistics plan that encompasses the site and the impacts of construction on the surrounding areas including:

  • Emergency contact chart and safety communication protocols
  • Clear perimeter barriers and pedestrian routes
  • Project specific access concerns
  • Notifications, clearly posted signage and staff communication
  • Infection control and interim life safety measures in hospitals
  • Vehicle traffic routes through and around construction zone
  • Worker site orientation and identification
  • Site delivery and equipment access
  • Emergency personnel and vehicle access
  • Large equipment special safety measures
  • Worker parking and access
  • Noise control, dust control and cleaning
  • Drug & alcohol policy awareness and testing

The site-specific safety plan informs and references Q&D’s corporate safety policies and will integrate client priorities and programs. Everyone on the team will have a clear, concise understanding of how Q&D’s culture of safety is implemented on your project.

There are multiple ways to incorporate safety into the project while keeping each individual’s safety our primary concern. Together we will evaluate cost, schedule, aesthetic and travel impacts of each scenario to find the best possible safety solution for your project. A third dimension adds depth and accuracy to planning for pedestrian safety, tower crane, site access, alternate bus routes, trailer and restroom locations at a project site.


To continually work to improve safety, Q&D formed the Safety Committee, which has been working to support our corporate safety leaders and management for over 20 years. They provide input and support on safety initiatives, incident investigations and the integration of new laws and policies into our Health & Safety Program. The committee’s members are a cross-section of the company, including managers, field supervisors and Q&D executives.

Together the Q&D Safety Committee members:

  • Lead company-wide meetings with all field supervisors to discuss safety topics, engender trust and rally team members
  • Review site-specific safety concerns at a project level
  • Discuss any incidents, how they occurred, paths forward and plans to avoid similar incidents in the future
  • Survey project sites with corporate safety directors and insurance professionals to further review safety implementation on an individual worker level
  • Supply topics and agendas to sites to direct toolbox talks and daily safety meetings around specific company and client concerns
  • Solicit input from all project personnel on potential safety improvements, provides impact studies and research and helps implement new policies in the field

bruce-carl-smallSafety Department Contact

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Safety & Human Resources
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