Safety On Your Project

For your project, Q&D will facilitate initial and regular safety meetings throughout preconstruction and construction. During preconstruction, the project team will create an overall site-specific safety and logistics plan that encompasses the site and the impacts of construction on the surrounding areas including:

  • Emergency contact chart and safety communication protocols
  • Clear perimeter barriers and pedestrian routes
  • Project specific access concerns
  • Notifications, clearly posted signage and staff communication
  • Infection control and interim life safety measures in hospitals
  • Vehicle traffic routes through and around construction zone
  • Site delivery and equipment access
  • Emergency personnel and vehicle access
  • Large equipment special safety measures
  • Worker parking and access
  • Noise control, dust control and cleaning
  • Drug & alcohol policy awareness and testing
  • Worker site orientation and identification

The site-specific safety plan informs and references Q&D’s corporate safety policies and will integrate client priorities and programs. Everyone on the team will have a clear, concise understanding of how Q&D’s culture of safety is implemented on your project.

There are multiple ways to incorporate safety into the project while keeping each individual’s safety our primary concern. Together we will evaluate cost, schedule, aesthetic and travel impacts of each scenario to find the best possible safety solution for your project. A third dimension adds depth and accuracy to planning for pedestrian safety, tower crane, site access, alternate bus routes, trailer and restroom locations at a project site.

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