Truckee River Restoration Tracy Reach

Connecting two previously restored areas, the Tracy Reach Restoration project covers roughly one mile of the Truckee River at McCarran Ranch Preserve near Reno. Q&D worked closely with The Nature Conservancy to carefully implement all special provisions for working within and around the Truckee River, one of the most regulated bodies of water in the U.S. The project reconnects the river to its floodplain and encourages habitat recovery. Q&D’s crews moved an estimated 100,000 tons of dirt and rock, relocating it per the client’s design to return natural functions to this stretch of the Truckee River. The project included 5 new meanders, 6 riffles, 1 backwater wetland area, numerous swales and scour channels, and 55 acres of revegitation This is Q&D’s third restoration project on the Truckee River.

Project Overview

Mustang, NV

Delivery Method

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