Truckee River 102 Ranch and Lockwood Restoration

Working as part of a team with an ecological consultant, Q&D’s workers prepared the construction site and access as needed to construct the 102 Ranch and Lockwood Truckee River Wetland restoration projects for The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The project, to realign the Truckee River channel, required removal of 59,500 cubic yards of earth material and placement of 30,000 tons of rounded rock to recreate natural river features. Q&D’s team skillfully sloped and finished the project, working with new channel locations, depths and riffle placements. As a result of the TNC’s work reviving this section, part of a 10-mile region along the Truckee River undergoing transformation, the site is now a beautiful, vibrant wetland.

“Q&D proved to be an excellent company to hire for these projects; they were very aware of the sensitivity of these projects as involving a large amount of work on the Truckee River and brought a productive, problem-solving attitude to completing the projects. The employees working for Q&D, from the project manager and the construction foreman to the equipment operators, were very professional and responsive to the changing needs of the projects as they were carried out. We are fortunate to have worked with such a responsible and quality contractor as Q&D.”

– Patti Bakker, The Nature Conservancy

“Q&D not only performed the work with great care for the environment, but did so in an efficient manner that further reduced the short-term potential impacts of the project.”

– Doug Doolittle, Washoe County Regional Parks & Open Space Director

Project Overview

Lockwood, NV

Completion Date
November 2008

Delivery Method

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