Summit Sierra Lifestyle Center

Bayer Properties redefined success in retail development with lifestyle centers, delivering attractive, mixed-use spaces for lease much more quickly than traditional indoor malls. This rapid delivery required flexibility and responsiveness from the construction management team, led by Q&D.

Meeting crucial grand opening milestones
Q&D’s team worked alongside Bayer Properties, starting with evaluation of major schedule milestones. On initial review, the team found the site design, neighboring highway improvements and their permitting were on the critical path, pushing the project beyond the promised grand opening schedule. Bayer and Q&D developed an approach to working with local transportation officials, planning agencies and the City of Reno based on relationships and trust, moving the work forward in phases concurrent to reviews and approvals and collaborating on solutions. The team also worked diligently to manage coordination of adjacent, related building and transportation design projects, preemptively presenting solutions to critical conflicts.

Understanding retail development construction management
Retail construction on this scale requires a certain level of design fluidity, with leasing tenant opportunities developing in parallel with the construction. That means three things: 1. creating defined space in the contract and subcontractor pricing for flexibility while still getting the best possible price for the client; 2. accurate critical analysis tools to evaluate the true final decision-making moment; and 3. reliable resources such as labor and equipment to follow through to meet crucial milestones.

For this 75-acre live-work-play-shop destination, Q&D built 600,000 square feet of space in multiple buildings in a park-like setting, meeting an aggressive 10-month schedule for completion, including $7,000,000 in tenant improvements prior to the grand-opening.

“We want to recognize the outstanding team you assembled. Their skill, professionalism, and ability to work as a team with Bayer Properties’ staff and its consultants were the key to achieving our Grand Opening date. They all worked with enthusiasm, supporting Bayer Properties’ commitment to bring the City of Reno an upscale retail shopping center.”

– Tommy Alfano, formerly of Bayer Properties

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Project Overview

Reno, NV

Completion Date
May 2006

Everett Hatcher Architect

Nevada AGC Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Project Management

Delivery Method

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