Saint Augustine’s Cultural Center Renovation

St. Augustine’s Catholic Church was built in 1886 and is Nevada’s oldest Catholic church building. It includes Gothic Revival and Italianate architecture and was renovated in 1939. It includes mural work from 1939 by Rafael Jolly and Duff Jolly, and an organ made by Henry C. Kilgen which the Cultural Center committee recently had restored.

St. Augustine’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as the Nevada State Register of Historic Places.

Q&D worked together with the Cultural Center and their designer to develop budgets, assess structural repairs, bring in experts to evaluate roofing and masonry conditions and worked alongside restoration experts to preserve the character of the building while creating a useful community space and historical landmark.

The team remodeled restrooms, kitchens, replaced the roof, added meeting rooms, installed a stairway and lift, made ADA improvements including an entrance ramp, and more. All to help convert the oldest Catholic church in Nevada into a cultural center and historical resource for the community.

As we near the end of our construction, I can reflect upon the entire process. How we would have accomplished this detailed project without the dedication, guidance and expertise of the Q&D team is beyond me. We are a very small organization of volunteers who took on a very large project that was way beyond our expertise.

We could not have been in better hands during the entire process. From the beginning, Q&D’s staff took the time to meet with us and our consultants in order to understand just what we wanted to accomplish. The transition of our needs and wants to actual construction was seamless.

– Jan Morrison, Chairman, St. Augustine’s Cultural Center

Project Overview

Austin, NV

Dubé Group Architecture

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