Robert Mitchell Elementary School Revitalization

RMES is a historic building, requiring special care and extra energy to track down viable options to maintain the character of the facility while making it a more modern and comfortable learning environment. It is also situated along a main thoroughfare in Sparks, NV, requiring logistics planning and coordination for major deliveries.

Q&D was the general contractor on this CMAR project to revitalize and secure this school.The school is the oldest continuously operating school in Washoe County. It was built in 1938 as a replacement for Sparks Grammar School.

The team took apart a single window early on in the project to review the existing conditions that included outdated jamb details, asbestos-containing materials, and lead solder and lead-containing materials. This allowed inspection and detailed planning for the replacement of the other 76 windows on the project to fit with the historical character of the building.

The team specified careful demolition limits and salvaged materials to assure that the demolition made the smallest footprint possible, saving on new matching materials costs and reusing older materials in other repairs to near perfect restoration.

When Q&D realized that the blackboard mastic was not “hot” they stopped, reported back to the team and reevaluated the plan – leading to new details to incorporate the old blackboards, salvage of a historical detail, and cost savings on demolition and replacement.

Each step of the way, Q&D Construction provided stellar service with a teamwork approach to each task. Q&D made sure the historical design was maintained and protected. Items like keeping the slate blackboards,…preserving the floor in the kindergarten room, reattained the Art Deco design in the entrances and material that was salvaged from the renovated areas were used in repairing the existing material.

– Meredith Johnson, Principal, RMES

Project Overview

Van Woert Bigotti Architects

Nevada AGC Pinnacle Award for Sensitivity to the Environment/History/Culture

Delivery Method

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