Richards Crossing Housing

That spirit of cooperation is evident in this new housing project. The supportive housing apartment complex, built on land donated by Carson resident and benefactor Garth Richards, is funded by low-income housing tax credits and other state and local funding. It has 38 units of affordable housing all slated for homeless veterans at no cost to the tenants. Each unit is furnished and ready for move-in, with sheets, utensils, small appliances paid for with funds raised entirely by Friends in Service Helping (FISH) and with donations.

Garth Richards talked about the importance of this project to him in the opening ceremony. “The best thing that has ever happened to me is my wife Joanie,” said Garth Richards. “And the second best thing is this.”

With Carson City so close being only 30 miles away, Q&D was excited to be the CMAR and builder on this project. Being an urban site surrounded by residential and commercial neighbors, Q&D worked hard to control dust, follow noise regulations, and maintain proper parking and storage near the site. Q&D was able to deliver a high level of quality despite there being a tight budget. With the client receiving federal and state funding, Q&D had to coordinate and make sure all of the federal and state regulations were followed. In addition, this housing complex needed to comply with guidelines to be certified with energy star ratings.

The tenants of this special place have a chance to get used to the rhythm of living in a home again after being on the street. They have the opportunity to attend job training right on site and then when they are ready to support themselves again, they take the furnishings with them. There is a large open space for outdoor activities, a raised planting bed for gardening and a fenced dog run area. Upstairs is a library maintained with donated books and game room. The community truly came together to create not just a building, but a place to call home for many people that will be cherished year after year.

Project Overview

Carson City, Nevada

Stephen E. Harriman/ Harriman Kinvon Architects

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