NV Energy Power Plant Improvements

Q&D delivers plant upgrades at NV Energy’s power plants throughout northern Nevada.

Major projects include:

  • Caustic Storage Building: Q&D’s team installed a 12,000-gal caustic storage tank, including foundation and containment systems inside of a new metal building, also constructed by Q&D. This facility replaced an older, aging facility in the same location. In order to keep the facility running within regulations and safety protocols, Q&D built a temporary facility which was online during construction and removed once the new building was completed.
  • Coal Pond A Liner Replacement and Diversion Ditch Repairs: Work on this project for the Valmy NV Energy team included removal and replacement of 25 acres of HDPE liner and was accompanied by the complete replacement of the 500-lineal-foot ditch/diversion system for the pond.
  • Fire Line Replacement: Q&D replaced 1,000 lineal feet of 12-inch fire water line and all hydrants around the perimeter of the powerplant building. This work was done without interrupting life safety at the plant and without any effects on operations

Other projects include:

  • New Maintenance Building at Valmy plant
  • New Well House and Piping at Valmy plant
  • Decommissioning of Diesel Tank and Piping at Tracy plant

Project Overview

Valmy NV and Tracy, NV

Delivery Method

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