Immaculate Conception Church

Q&D worked closely with the Immaculate Conception Community had to incorporate into the new structure their many historic pieces, such as various statues, tabernacle, stained glass and other items all coming from the building they had outgrown. We coordinated with the original stained glass company to create new pieces to place alongside the original pieces in the larger new space. Team members identified systems, materials and construction methods that would blend with existing and new artifacts and help meld them into the new environment.

Immaculate Conception Church “is another example of Q&D’s ability to guide a project smoothly from preconstruction through completion.”


Q&D gave Immaculate Conception the most for their money by identifying construction materials that responded to the church’s highest priorities and made certain they remained in the scope of work as the team worked on cutting millions of dollars from the initial budget. Q&D strived to maintain the elegant architecture throughout the value engineering. For example Q&D suggested using a thick composite roofing material that created the appearance of a red clay roof, but featured a lower cost, easier maintenance and longer life than red clay. Saving money on the roofing costs enabled the project to afford a wood ceiling in the sanctuary.


Church leaders wanted a one-of-a-kind material installation that would increase the significance of the building, but it had to be done on a budget. Q&D suggested having their concrete masons create a unique approach, involving a polymer overlay, acid stain, urethane top coat and a concrete skip trowel finish. Crews experimented with dozens of samples before they finished 34,000 square feet of varied and rich floors in Immaculate Conception Church.

"Immaculate Conception Church "is another example of Q&D's ability to guide a project smoothly from preconstruction through completion."

Project Overview

Sparks, NV

Completion Date
March 2005


Nevada AGC PINNACLE Award for Sensitivity to Environment

Delivery Method

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