Habitat For Humanity Playhouse

Q&D and Paul Cavin, Architect teamed up for this design-build effort, a 25-sf playhouse to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Q&D’s team had the winning house! All proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

Preconstruction team members sourced and gathered all the materials to make this playhouse very special, including two solar-flashers for the rear tail-lights!

At 9:30 AM the team was energetic and still fresh as the heat notched up to 77 degrees on the blacktop of the RC Willey parking lot in Reno, NV. By 2:00PM and (90 degrees) they had put the main structure together, and by 3:30PM the paint was dry and the curtains were hung!

“We should totally put a 17″ flat-screen and a mattress in here!”

“Smoothest construction project I’ve worked on. All the pre-planning really helped.”

FINISH HIGHLIGHTSDetails include parquet-style linoleum flooring, racing-red trim and a riveted metal roof system. Other details include star-spangled curtains, a potted faux geranium and a flag.

Project Overview

Reno, NV

Completion Date
MAY 2013

Paul Cavin

Winner, 2013 Build-A-Thon Contest

Delivery Method

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