Circus Circus Reno Midway Renovation

Fun for adults and kids alike, the Circus Circus Midway has been reinvented and transformed, from a traditional American circus vibe to a more whimsical European feel. Featuring a variety of performers, entertainment and games of chance, the venue creates a new sense of wonder by highlighting the clowns, acrobats and artists at its epicenter.

Stage acts start every 30-45 minutes, starting at different times depending on the day. The stage is now easier to view from a variety of places in the midway, therefore able to reach a much wider audience. The remodel also allowed the stage area to be more spacious and inviting for guests to better enjoy the performance. In addition to the new stage, guests can try and win a few new games, get their face painted, and even get their picture taken to remember the fun times had.

Q&D was selected as the construction manager for this renovation and was excited to collaborate with Eldorado Resorts Inc. and MBA Architecture + Interior Design. Q&D worked alongside Eldorado Resorts, Inc. to make sure the renovations would not impact their daily operations and guests’ experience.  To ensure this, the planning phase was a critical part to the success of this project. During the planning phase, the team at Q&D made sure that all of the materials were ordered and ready ahead of time.  This allowed for a smoother and more efficient project. The project is complete with changes from floor to ceiling. A grandiose stage and fun new games await, and are ready to be explored and enjoyed by you.

Continuing these renovations, the Circus Circus Buffet will be completely revamped into a contemporary fast casual food court. The food court will feature a number of fresh, high-quality, brand name eateries new to the Reno market. The Habit Burger Grill, best known for their mouthwatering ‘charburgers’, is scheduled to be completed for the food court in May. The new space will feature more than 180 seats in an open common area, perfect for families looking for fast, delicious food on-the-go.

Project Overview

Reno, NV

MBA Architecture + Interior Design

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