Champagne Family Dentistry

This 9,000-square-foot office features a pediatric wing under the direction of Dr. Cariann Champagne while her husband, Dr. Jason Champagne will care for on-going clients along with his brother, Dr. Andrew Champagne and his father, Dr. Larry Champagne in the remainder of the new facility on Sparks Boulevard.

“While cost is obviously an important factor, I’ve always felt confident that I was creating the highest quality building possible.”

– Dr. Jason Champagne

Champagne Family Dentistry features the latest in data collection with more than 16,000 feet of premium data cabling and several state-of-the-art data network simultaneously working in unison, the operation provides not only communication and application processing, such as managing patients’ electronic medical records, but an environmental control and distribution of video games and media services.

The team combined function, aesthetics and patient comfort into the building’s systems. Patients are greeted by large LCD screens with digital cable services. With video and audio services at each care station, patients find it easier to relax with their favorite movie or music. Kids get to take advantage of customized video games. When you are seated in your chair you have the option of listening to your favorite artist or watching a movie with your favorite actor and actress commercial free.

Project Overview

Sparks, NV

Jason Champagne

Don Mackey

AGC Merit Award for Meeting Challenges of Difficult Job