UNR E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center CMAR

This 108,000-square-foot facility is a hub of campus fitness and recreation focused on student health and wellness. The Fitness Center offers fitness classes, weightlifting, cross-fit, hundreds of pieces of workout equipment, an indoor running track, an indoor stadium-stair, and three indoor sports courts.


As the CM at Risk (CMAR) contractor for the project, Q&D had the honor of working alongside the University and the design team, led by Worth Group, during the 14-month preconstruction phase of the project.

At the start Q&D estimators set out to prepare a detailed estimate based on early conceptual drawings, providing the level of detail needed to make that budget the “sounding board” for the team – a guide against which they could gauge all their design and construction decisions.

Through the project’s collaboration, the client uncovered needs that the concept didn’t include like an underground parking garage, a new chilled water system tie-in, adjacent street upgrades and infrastructure upgrades for the campus. The team worked closely together to incorporate these items through a combination of value-engineering and added funding.

Q&D’s team worked diligently alongside the design team to provide a set of value engineering ideas and an updated, open-book estimate at each design milestone to align the design with the budget. Each idea was evaluated and discussed together as a team and the final decision was documented. Over $2,000,000 in value engineering was accepted over the course preconstruction. The result is a GMP, competitively bid to subcontractors with complete transparency, which is just under the budgeted amount.


Working in an occupied campus area while keeping business-as-usual conditions for students, staff, and visitors, was a top priority for the University. Coordinating early in the project meant the team could work together to form the best possible plan. The team’s logistics plan for the very small site footprint included full perimeter fencing, traffic control, and a tight turnaround for off-haul of spoils in addition to signage and alternate pedestrian routes. The University kept students and visitors informed through their public information campaigns using regular alerts and memorandums. Events at nearby Lawlor Events Center and Mackay Stadium were not impacted by the construction.

Project Overview

Reno, NV

University of Nevada, Reno

Worth Group, with Hastings + Chivetta