Sun Valley Elementary School Revitalization

A complete revitalization of this aging elementary school, the project included expansion of an existing temporary structure into a full-classroom building, the complete abatement of all asbestos-containing materials at the site, new windows, wall finishes, floor finishes, IT infrastructure, cubbies, cabinets, doors, hardware, roof repairs and replacements, and associated underground utility work.

“This may have been the most challenging elementary school revitalization we’ve had under our revitalization program. As you know, it actually took several projects over a three year period to accomplish and necessitated multiple budgets and working around a multi-track year round school schedule. It if had not been for the ability to use the “Construction Manager at Risk” contract delivery method with Q&D teaming with the district and H+K Architects, it would have, no doubt taken even longer and most likely, would have cost more. Your firm’s ability to schedule the work in phases around the schools schedule was invaluable in the process and minimized the distraction and disruption of the school function.”


Because the school is on a multi-track year-round schedule, and the work could only take place while the students were on breaks, Q&D was limited in schedule options. In order to take advantage of a short window of opportunity to shave work from the scope planned for spring and summer 2012, the design team at H+K carved out and expedited roofing abatement, foundation and underground utility work for the expansion of Building F which was work that could take place over the 2011 Thanksgiving holiday break. This strategy reduced the overall schedule duration during the 2012 breaks, and reduced cost impact by reducing schedule congestion.

The first stage of the remaining work was abatement. As part of the bid package, Q&D required abatement contractors to provide their certificates and update their qualifications with WCSD’s safety officials so the successful bidder could start working immediately. No one else can work in the enclosed spaces undergoing abatement which hampers the


The key to success of the projects is the CMAR delivery method which allowed Q&D to share logistical planning input and technical knowledge and orchestrate the bidding, schedule, and procurement of materials during the design phase so the team could be ready to work on day one of each shutdown with no delays. The partnership this fostered between Q&D, WCSD and H+K was critical and the project is a great success for the Sun Valley community.

Project Overview

Sun Valley, NV

Completion Date
August 2012

H+K Architects

Nevada AGC Pinnacle Award

Delivery Method

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