Lake Sabrina Bridge Replacement

Using great care to protect the environment, teams replaced an aging roadway bridge over the Middle Fork of Bishop Creek in Inyo County, California.

The project replaced the existing Inyo county bridge 48C-25 with a reinforced, pre-tensioned voided concrete slab bridge supported on concrete abutments and footings. The new bridge is located south of the existing bridge and is wider than the original bridge, accommodating two 11-foot-wide traffic lanes with expanded shoulders. The new alignment, also widened, increases sight distance and safety for travelers.

The project used integral-colored concrete to match the color of the native rock material and included surfacing with native rock and mortar to blend the new structure into the landscape. The demolition scars from the removal of the existing structure and old road were planted with willow wattles and cuttings to restore the natural habitat.

Teams followed the strict speed limit and minimal construction right of way outlined by Inyo County to further reduce the impact on the environment which includes habitats for American badgers, Sierra martens, hoary bats and silver-haired bats as well as amphibians, plant and wildlife residents of an aspen riparian forest. Removal of the bridge, which contained lead paint, was strictly controlled and abated to avoid contamination of the creek below.

Project Overview

Lake Sabrina, Inyo County, California

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